Why Should You Be Concerned About UST Compliance?
Consider the facts:

  • Continuously changing regulations can leave a site out of compliance
  • Along with N.O.V.s and fines, regulatory agencies are shutting down sites for being out of compliance
  • Red-tagged tanks cost you money… lost sales, costly repairs, time, customer goodwill
  • Investigation and cleanup of UST releases can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Regulatory enforcement and fines for noncompliance are rapidly increasing
  • Are you doing everything you can to ensure that you are in operational compliance? If you are not sure, let Protanic’s UST Compliance Service do the job for you.

From initial inspections and testing through the maintenance and repair phases, we offer a full range of customizable services designed to keep you in compliance.

  • Precision volumetric line testing for service stations and truck stops
  • Large diameter underground pipes located at bulk plants and fuel storage areas utilizing dead weight calibrators, automated pressure and temperature data acquisition and positive displacement pumps per API specifications
  • Helium Tracer Gas Leak Pin Pointing of underground lines

Leak Detector Testing

  • Test any mechanical or electronic line leak detector to determine if it is working correctly
  • Leaks can be simulated at 3 gal/h, 0.2 gal/h, and 0.1 gal/h.

Vapor Recovery Testing Capability

  • California Air Resources Board Testing of Balanced, Vac Assist and Hasstech systems including; Pressure vs. Flow tests Liquid Blockage tests Pressure Decay tests Static Pressure tests Vapor to Liquid Ratio tests
  • Troubleshooting Vapor Recovery piping systems

Cathodic Protection Testing Capability

  • Post installation and three year monitoring testing
  • Troubleshooting of all Cathodic Protection Systems

Helium Testing Capability

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